We have a new school web site located at manchesterschools.us We are still working on the new site.  The most up to date information will be located at the new site. You may continue to browse the old site, but for new information, please check manchesterschools.us. Thank you!

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Manchester High School
20500 Dutch Drive
Manchester, MI 48158

Phone:  (734) 428-7333
Fax:  (734) 428-0178

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Manchester High School from Manchester High School Students on Vimeo.


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Manchester High School believes that through partnership with community, parents, and school family, all students will be challenged to obtain the skills necessary to realize their highest personal potential.

The success of the Mission will be monitored through Student Achievement Data, Co-Curricular Participation, Graduation Rates, and Surveys.  Use of the feedback will lead to exemplary education and constant improvement vital to success.

Manchester High is located in the northwestern edge of town at 20500 Dutch Drive. The new high school building was completed in 2004.  The facility has an excellent performing arts center, gym, weight room, media center, telecommunications lab, as well as many academic resources including Smartboards, projectors, computer labs, and recently our one to one iPad roll out for each student.

High School Bell Schedule
Regular Day Delayed Start Day Half Day 
1st Hour8:00 - 8:50 1st Hour9:40 - 10:16 1st Hour8:00 - 8:27
2nd Hour8:54 - 9:44 2nd Hour10:20 - 10:56 2nd Hour8:31 - 8:58
3rd Hour9:48 - 10:38 A Lunch11:00 - 11:25 3rd Hour9:02 - 9:29
A Lunch10:42 - 11:07 3rd Hour - A11:29 - 12:05 4th Hour9:33 - 10:00
4th Hour - A11:11 - 12:02 3rd Hour - B11:00 - 11:36 5th Hour10:04 - 10:31
4th Hour - B10:42 - 11:33 B Lunch11:40 - 12:05 6th Hour10:35 - 11:02
B Lunch11:37 - 12:02 4th Hour12:09 - 12:45 7th Hour11:06 - 11:34
5th Hour12:06 - 12:56 5th Hour12:49 - 1:25   
6th Hour1:00 - 1:50 6th Hour1:29 - 2:05   
7th Hour1:54 - 2:45 7th Hour2:09 - 2:45